💡 About Emo.to 😺

Emo.to (a portmanteau of emoji and to) also known as 😺.to is the leading provider of go.to emoji domain names, the first truly 21st-century global web addresses as seen on Coca-Cola billboards, Norwegian Air and many more places to come.

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We offer more than 100 unique emoji URLs covering all sectors and industries from online shopping, travel, fast food, entertainment, etc.

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.to is trusted by some of the biggest names in the business and entertainment worlds:

@McDonalds (mcd.to), @Amazon (amzn.to), @Dell (dell.to), @Uber (ubr.to), @NBCNews (nbcnews.to), @Mashable (mash.to), @KatyPerry (katy.to), @LonelyPlanet (lptravel.to), @IMDb (imdb.to), @OVH (ovh.to), etc.

Emoji domains have been around for many years, the first emoji domain on the internet was the peace symbol ☮️.com registered as far back as 2011. It was acquired by @Claim in 2017 and then by Sonshi.com a leading investor dot-com emoji domains (which unfortunately as of 2011 are restricted by ICANN).
Recently @Claim auctioned ☁️.com for a record price of $13,600 and shortly afterward Emo.to was launched, the number one destination for .to emoji domains.

They ❤️ emoji domains

Coca-Cola (see Adweek), Norwegian Air (see Adweek), AngelList (✌️.com), TagTheLove.com (❤️.to), Ghost.to (👻.to), Sony Pictures (😃🎬.to), Poopla (💩.la), etc.